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The ideal mobility support for your working dog is more than just glucosamine


The harder you dog works (or plays) the more stress and strain it puts on its joints. The different components of the joint can be given nutritional support to help maintain and repair the niggling little bits of damage sustained by day to day activity.

At Dr S. we have always believed that joint support alone is not enough. The joint itself is supported by the tendons, ligaments and muscles that attach to it and those are also affected by work and play. If they don’t recover properly then the joint is unsupported and wear and tear becomes uneven and more likely to result in damage. So Dr S’s main mobility supplement, Easy Mover, combines conventional joint support (with a greater emphasis on chondroitin than glucosamine) with MSM and antioxidants to help those soft tissues keep the joint in the right place.

We like to think of it as a Rolls Royce product at a Mini price.

DrS Easy Mover - joint supplement for dogs

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