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Dog owners’ nightmares solved

Revealed - The simple secret to a Cool, Calm & Collected dog

Just a few pinches of a powerful new nutrient eliminates the embarrassment of your dog’s bad behaviour and gives your much loved pet a far more relaxed and fulfilling life.


Does your Dog:
• Spook at silly things
• Suffer from a loss of concentration
• Get neurotic
• Suffer separation anxiety
• Behave erratically
• Suffer from fitting or seizures
• Act aggressively towards other dogs
• Seem withdrawn or depressed
• Find it difficult to settle or relax?

Did you know that all of the above can be common symptoms of a calcium deficiency?  A simple yet sophisticated supplement will ensure your much loved pet will be relaxed, calm and loving but NOT SEDATED. In fact his brain will be working exactly as nature intended making your life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Science in Action...

This is not a drug – just simple nutrition your pet food manufacturer has been ignoring for years. But World Leading Biologist Malcolm Green has been researching the role of calcium in animal behaviour for 18 years and this powerful, easy to use product is the culmination of all that dedicated hard work.  What your vet doesn’t know about calcium is about to be TOLD TO YOU absolutely FREE …

Did you know that 99% of the calcium in your dog’s body is in its teeth and bones? But the other 1% is vital for the functioning of crucial nerves, muscles, and hormone producing glands.  But it is even more incredible than that!  Only one thirtieth of that 1% is in a form that is easily transferred across cell membranes. Yes that’s just 3 out of every 10,000 molecules of calcium are involved in these important processes! Such a tiny amount is difficult to understand, yet it is crucial to your dog’s mental health and your peace of mind.

Cool, Calm & Collected contains exactly that type of calcium in a really easy to absorb form, so it is sent straight to the brain where it helps your dog’s mind to work properly. This fantastic product has saved the life of a much loved dog that the vets wanted to put down.  In February, we were contacted by a very distressed June Bennetts. Her poor dog Casey had been suffering from terrible fits and there seemed to be no reasonable treatments or help available to her, June and her vet had discussed putting Casey down as her condition was worsening. Read June and Casey’s story:

“Casey is just 7 years old and started having fits just a year ago. The fits seemed to happen intermittently over a period of several weeks. I took Casey to the vet where she was given a general health check but no treatment. They would not treat Casey at the time and wanted us to take her 250 miles trip to Bristol for an MRI scan costing £2000, unfortunately her insurance only covers up to £1000 and as pensioners we could not afford to do it, plus it would not cure it, only indicate a possible cause.

Luckily, at the end of last April the fits stopped and she did not have another one until mid-December where, sadly she had 3 days of fitting 4 -5 times a day! The fits did stop for several weeks however, a few weeks ago they started again seeming to be more severe. The fits usually last about 2 minutes but the latest were much closer together, sometimes only 15 minutes apart.  We were so concerned about Casey that had another lot of blood tests done but they all came back clear, however, my vets have refused to give her any tablets or treatment. It’s not just the fits that are so distressing; after she has had a fit she is so distressed. During the last few episodes she has messed her bed and becomes very disorientated, wandering all over the place and whining, sometimes for several days. She also persistently pesters our other dog and me. We would appreciate anything you can give us to try, especially if it would reduce the anxiety afterwards even if she still fits, as it would improve her quality of life. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
June Bennetts”.

We have seen this common condition in birds as a result of a calcium deficiency so we were confident that Casey was almost certainly calcium deficient. We immediately sent June some Cool, Calm & Collected and this is what has happened so far (bear in mind, this remarkable change is only 4 weeks in! With time, Cool, Calm & Collected should help control Casey’s condition).

4 weeks later:

“I thought it was time I gave you an update.  Casey is doing very well, no fits as yet and looking healthy! She seems more settled and content, especially in the evening when we all go in sitting room. She hasn’t had me up early in the morning or through the night for 3 weeks, so all-in-all looking good!  I am now feeding her the maintenance dose so will need to order some more as no doubt we will be on the supplement for good. Visitors such as the postman who see her regularly have been saying how well she looks and one of our local vets, who is retired, came past and said how 'magnificent' she was!!

Thanks again for your help,

PS my son has a workmate whose lab is having fits so I have highly recommend that he contacts you as he also has had nothing from his vet”.

So what do you need to do?

You will need to “Load” the Cool, Calm & Collected into your dog’s system which should take about five weeks.  During this loading period a very small number of dogs will struggle to control their blood calcium levels. So their behaviour may be a bit erratic. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN!! Simply feed the supplement little and often during that period to smooth the amount delivered.  And Malcolm has developed a simple little trick that kick starts you dogs system so it learns to regulate its blood calcium level really well. The powerful trick is to feed the supplement 5 days a week and force the body to work for itself on the other two days.

Can it be used on other pets?

Well, for cats yes but for those with small and furries, we use a product called Calcivet. Calcivet comes in a liquid in water supplement form or an on food powder and it is very easy to use. If you’re not sure, why not call our FREE advice line on: 01453 835330.

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