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Moulting pets


One of the critical factors in getting your animals ready for a show is to ensure they have the perfect coat of fur. Yet the moult is often a problem for many animal exhibitors. Normally there is a simple nutritional explanation for this that is easy to understand when you know something about the composition of fur.

Fur is mostly made of protein but the composition of the amino acids in this protein is very different from that found in most of the animal’s other organs. Fur contains much larger quantities of the sulphur containing essential amino acids.  All diets contain some of these important nutrients but often they are in short supply. If the diet is deficient, then the animal will either not moult at all or, more commonly, will moult slowly and take a long time to completely change its coat. Adding more sulphur containing amino acids to the diet, gives the animal the raw materials required to grow good quality fur very quickly and shed the old stuff.

At DrS, we further supplement these amino acids with our highly bioavailable sulphur source. This saves the animal breaking down the precious amino acids as a source of sulphur.  The amino acids are thus freed up to make fur.  Giving our daily supplements means NO MORE LOOSE HAIRS! So that’s less hoovering and brushing for you and silky shiny coats for your pets!

This technology can be found in a number of our products, including:

  • Coat Magic & HypoAllergenic Essentials for cats & dogs, these are both “complete” vitamin supplements.
  • Tiny Animal Essentials for small pets, this is also a “complete” vitamin supplements so you won’t need to give any other vitamins.  A little warning: these products will encourage your pet to go through a full moult before their new coat comes through; this is exactly what they need, a good moult! But we apologise about all the hair!

“My Labrador Ruby is looking fantastic! No more flaky, itchy coat. She went through a big Moult at first and now her coat is beautiful. It is great stuff and well worth a try”- Emily Doorward.

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