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Healthy coat and skin

Does your pet have:

  • Dry/flaky skin
  • Itching & scratching skin
  • Flea or general allergies
  • Irritations
  • Red sore looking patches
  • Strange hair loss
  • A dull lifeless coat
  • Slow, regular moults

These are all too common problems pet owners face and there is a simple explanation for it.  DrS share some of their best kept secrets about why their supplements are so effective. DrS have developed a new product range designed with the modern pet in mind.  As a result of diet, environmental and climate changes, our pets have become super sensitive to a widening range of external influences and this is burning a big hole in many pockets and causes unnecessary suffering to our beloved animals. Don’t worry, help is at hand! By simply feeding the immune system with what it needs to function properly, you’re giving your pets the best chance of a quick, stress free recovery.  HypoAllergenic Essentials for large pets (use Fight Back for serious allergies before using HypoAllergenic Essentials) or Guardian Angel are the products for you!

Here’s the science…

Did you know that the immune system is one of the most important systems in the body and also needs nourishing in order to perform at its best?

You've probably been told that Intolerances are caused when the immune system overreacts to an external stimulus.  Well at DrS, we believe this not to be the case.  In fact, we actually think that the immune system is underreacting to external stimulus and as a result, is unable to respond normally due to nutritional constraints. Instead of an effective reaction, the body goes on and on with an inadequate response, which is why the body takes so long to recover and allergies just don’t clear up. We have found that by supporting immune function with the unusual nutrients we use in HypoAllergenic Essentials or Fight Back for cats & dogs & Guardian Angel for small and furries, we are able to help the immune system produce an efficient but short lived reaction. This is very effective at controlling reactions, aiding recovery from common problems such as itchy, flaky skin.  

What we particularly like about this approach is that when supplemented with HypoAllergenic Essentials, Fight Back or Guardian Angel, the animal experiences cover 24/7 and gets far less stressed.

Your Pets Need More Of The Right Stuff!

Many common veterinary treatments for allergies, is to suppress the immune system with steroids.  We are not fans of this approach because the immune system is perfectly designed to deal with whatever is chucked at it and by suppressing it; you are simply temporarily solving the problem.  The allergy will simply raise its ugly head once the immune system starts kicking back into action and because it is under nourished, it won’t do a very good job, and it’s not very healthy,  PLUS IT WILL COST YOU A FORTUNE!

Nature has provided animals with incredible systems to repel foreign bodies, allergens repair damage from injury. These systems need nourishing if they are going to work properly. Fighting allergies, infections and repairing damage both require rapid production of new cells (white blood cells for immunity and 'normal' cells for repair).  Modern diets are designed to provide the energy our animals need but are often quite deficient in the nutrients required for rapid cell production.

Our research has focussed on the white blood cells. These are the immune system's "Rapid Reaction Force". When invaded by an infectious germ like a virus or bacteria, the immune system makes huge quantities of white blood cells that rapidly spread through the blood system and kill the invaders. Any of you who have worked in a factory will know that, when there is a sudden large demand for a particular product, you inevitably can't make it because you are short of stocks of at least one raw material. This can and does occur in the body as well and limits its ability to produce those extra white blood cells.

In addition, white blood cells use large quantities of fats to power themselves as they go about attacking invaders. Fats are burned in the cells' "boiler houses" (called mitochondria) and a special vitamin-like substance is used to get the fats into the mitochondria, again this material can be rapidly depleted in the face of a hostile enemy.

So, by adding the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white cell production and by adding the special vitamin like substance, delays can be prevented and the immune system can work at full power.

This Dog Has Been Transformed!

“Ruby has several allergies which started approx. 3yrs ago. Her skin was constantly sore from scratching, and she seemed uncomfortable most of the time, especially when the weather was hot. Because we didn’t know what to do, the vet recommended allergy tests to see if we could find the cause of Ruby’s skin problem. The first round of tests revealed that Ruby was allergic to Rice and Soya, so that was relatively easy to  sort out, being very careful to check the ingredients of commercial dog food and biscuits, and feeding her plenty of fish, chicken and beef".

DrS recommended putting Ruby on a course of Fight Back before introducing HypoAllergenic Essentials into her feed in order to give the best chance of recovery.


Ruby Before being given Fight Back then HypoAllergenic Essentials.

"Her condition improved, but she still seemed to scratch most days!  So back to the vet for more advise!

More allergy tests were done at great expense, which revealed that Ruby was allergic to some grasses and tree pollens. It was decided that the best thing to do was to have a special immunology drug made up for Ruby which would help her, but probably wouldn’t cure her.

At first she had to have one injection per week, but this has now reduced to one injection per month which helps her immune system fight the allergy. She is much improved, and I would say she is 80% better. However Ruby still scratches daily and we thought that it would be a good idea for Ruby to try Fight Back as I had tried it on one of my horses, with great success, after he had an allergic reaction to something and my vet recommended the product.

So Ruby started Fight Back on March 12th, and after a couple of weeks there was an improvement.  She has been on it for four weeks now and I am very pleased with the results. Ruby is still scratching sometimes, but not as bad as before Fight Back, so we are going to continue on it twice a day as directed, and hopefully Ruby will continue to improve, the redness has really reduced.


Ruby After treatment

Kind regards,

Angela and Ruby”

Why Hypo-Allergenic products are right for your sensitive pet(s)…

Skin irritations are a very common problem for our modern pets. Many will itch like made, have flaky skin and suffer from allergies. So, your pets need a product that sorts them out internally and externally, something that keeps the immune system in check and has moult and skin controlling properties. All of these benefits can be found from using HypoAllergenic Essentials (for your big pets) or Guardian Angel (for little pets).

For larger pets with serious allergies and irritations, we would recommend a course of Fight Back prior to using HypoAllergenic Essentials to ensure your pets immune system gets off to a good start – For small pet, please call our advice team on: 01453 835330.

A little warning:  HypoAllergenic Essentials will encourage your pet to go through a full moult before their new coat comes through; this is exactly what they need, a good moult! But we apologise about all the hair!

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