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Joint supplements for pets

Ultimate mobility support for your pets

DrS are proud ambassadors of animal health and strongly believe that it is better to support healthy functions all around the body than to have to deal with problems later. Good nutrition is the key to keeping our animals healthy.  Their team of nutritionists have spent over 22 years perfecting effective natural formulas to ensure their customers’ animals nutritional needs are more then met.

It is surprising to find that many pet owners do not realise that their animals’ joints, muscles and ligaments also require specific nutrition to work effectively and stay strong and healthy.  It is appreciated that as an animal ages, they generally slow down and stiffen up. The right nutrition can help to support healthy function for longer.

So, the team at DrS set out to rival the top pet joint support supplements and produce a product that not only supports the animal’s joints but also its muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Easy Mover was born.

Easy Mover is both a joint and a soft tissue supplement. The joints (not just the leg joints but all of the joints throughout the skeletal system) are supported by soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons. These need nutrients to work as well as possible too. DrS’s primary mobility supplement, Easy Mover, combines conventional chondroitin, MSM and glucosamine joint support with high levels of nutrients selected to help soft tissues. The result is improved performance plus savings on treatments like chiropractic, physio, bowen and massage. Easy Mover is simple to use and deals with a much broader range of problems before and after the event and it’s cheaper than most ‘joint only’ supplements!  Not bad, four benefits for the price of one.

An animal need not be a veteran to suffer from stiffness.  The problems occur when the joint is exposed to continuous, unnatural stresses; a good example would be any working dog but even young pups can be affected due to difficult and uneven terrain and overexcitement.  Many vets would recommend an expensive treatment of steroids or drugs to reduce swelling and “block” pain.  However, in most instances, this heavy handed approach simply disguises the symptoms and does not address the initial problem.  This is when Drs’s unique mobility formulation excels above other joint support supplements.  

This is what Wolly and her owners say about Easy Mover:
Joll, Jackie And Wolly - Devon


Wolly is my much loved companion.  She is an 8 year old very active Lab and is constantly tearing around chasing balls and crashing over waves on our regular beach walks with my wife and I.

Unfortunately, Wolly has a real problem with arthritis and was very stiff with pain, especially when getting up or going up stairs.  She has been on a medicated painkiller for years and was getting a glucosamine supplement with her feed for added support.  Although the pain killers help her, I was becoming concerned that it was simply disguising the pain rather than helping her.

I did a bit of research and came across DrS Easy Mover For Dogs & Cats.  Based on good reviews and the products explanation of how it works with it’s four in one approach to treating the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, we decided to give it a go.

We’ve really noticed a difference in her.  She can have some stiff moments; however, you can really tell that she is more relaxed, nowhere near as stiff, even her coat looks better!

We really noticed the change after taking her to the beach the other day.  She spends ages playing in the cold water and chasing balls and it can often take its toll on her the following day which meant we had to miss a walk to let her recover.  NOT ANY MORE! Now she is up for it, no more limping or joint clicks.  It seems to have done the job so we are very happy.  I would recommend this supplement to anyone with an older or very active dog.

Thanks DrS!

Reduce pain and stiffness as well as cost through daily supplementation of no.1 mobility supplement Easy Mover.

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